How does online accounting help you in a context of health crisis?

Opinion – Mihai Maierean

We are in a difficult situation where so many areas have been affected and one of them is business.

Health protection is the top priority for each of us and the most effective way to protect ourselves is to avoid getting out of our own homes as much as possible.

These measures have a relevant influence on each of our business essential processes (production, sales, receipts, etc.) including the financial-accounting part.

There are still entrepreneurs who operate on the principle of classical accounting. Specifically, they collect the accounting documents for a month (or maybe a quarter) and take them in a wrap or bag to the accounting office.

How do we manage to protect ourselves hygienically in this way when it is recommended that we avoid human contact as much as possible?

And now, I invite you to imagine:

How would it be to pass your documents online from the comfort of your home?

How about having instant access to your company’s accounting finance situation in the comfort of your home?

How about saving time and avoiding one more out of the house or more to be even more protected in this epidemiological crisis?

How is that possible? Through online accounting!! ****

I know, now you’re going to make the following objection: But what should I account for if I don’t have what? What more documents can I pass on if my business is almost closed for good?

Indeed, it is a difficult time when entrepreneurs are worried about how they will withstand this crisis and the future of the company.

However, where many see a problem, there may be few who see an opportunity.

And now I’m going to challenge you to see the opportunity of this crisis. Because you’re an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs are solution people, aren’t they?

If your business is on break or has diminished, this means you have more time. If you’re at the beginning of your journey and you’re planning to start a business, it applies here as well.

With more time, you can invest it to improve your business processes. Learn to make marketing more efficient, or better sales.

Same with the accounting part. You can orient yourself to move (if you have a current business) or start online accounting (if you’re at the beginning of your business).

Online accounting gives you unlimited access to real-time business figures. You can’t find the accountant at the office after 4.30pm, but access to your numbers can be non-stop. Like getting a good idea while taking a course or reading a book at 9 p.m., but to deepen it, you need financial-accounting information that online accounting gives you around the clock.

You can also invest your time to better understand the accounting financial mechanism of your business. When you understand the figures in your company’s accounting, it will be easier for you to make financial strategy decisions.

As you can see, online accounting does not only benefit in times of epidemiological crisis. It can also help you in the midst of economic activity.

The good part of this crisis is about putting you a little on pause from the routine commotion just to show you that you have the ability to adapt and observe technologies or information around you that you can incorporate further.

The best part is that it didn’t just stop you, it stopped almost a whole world, so you’re not going to fall behind. Invest this break as much as possible in your education so you can reinvent yourself.

What good part do you see in this crisis? I await the response in the comment.

Let’s just hear it for good.

Mihai Maierean

A figure you don’t know, you can’t change!

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